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Wedding invitations: how to adhere to proper etiquette

In the planning of a wedding, invitations serve as the initial point of contact with guests, making it crucial to meticulously craft each detail to adhere to proper etiquette. The selection of paper, font, and wording reflects the style and elegance of the couple, in addition to providing all necessary information about the big day. Adhering to etiquette rules for wedding invitations is not merely a matter of formality; it’s a way to show respect and consideration for the invitees.

Choosing the right paper

The quality of the paper is immediately noticeable. Opting for high-quality paper, perhaps with unique textures or a slight thickness, instantly communicates the event’s significance. Recycled paper invitations, for instance, are perfect for eco-conscious couples who do not wish to compromise on elegance.

Wedding invitations: wording

The text of the invitations must be clear and flawless in every aspect. Tradition dictates that the parents of the bride and groom extend the wedding invitation, but it has become increasingly common for the couple themselves to do so. Regardless of who makes the invitation, it is crucial to use formal and polite language, specifying all the details of the wedding (date, time, and location of the ceremony).

Font and calligraphy

The choice of font should reflect the wedding’s style and be easily legible. Calligraphic fonts are a popular choice for wedding invitations, adding a touch of elegance and personality. For those desiring an even more refined touch, hand-done calligraphy is the ultimate in terms of etiquette.

Essential information

Besides the event details, it is good practice to include additional information that may be useful for guests, such as a map of the location, nearby accommodation options, and a dress code, if desired. These details can be included in a separate insert or a dedicated wedding website.


Sending the invitations at the right time is critical. Generally, it is advised to send them between six and eight months before the wedding, to give guests time to make arrangements. For destination weddings or during the holiday season, it is courteous to provide even more notice.

Adhering to proper etiquette in wedding invitations means paying attention to these details, thus demonstrating respect and consideration for the guests. A well-crafted invitation not only announces the special day but also invites sharing it with style and elegance.

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