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WEDDING COLOUR 2021: here are next season’s trends

We are ready to start dreaming, but deep down we have never stopped. True!

And here we are, grappling with the new trends, the “what will be in fashion?” and what will be the wedding colour 2021 of wedding dresses for the next spring – summer season. Are you ready?

Wedding color 2021: my secrets

(for those who don’t know me, I am Roberta Balestrieri Wedding Planner Josephine)

Password: desire for freedom, inventiveness, customisation and going outside the classic schemes. But also brightness, consistency and colours that recall nature, nature that knows how to welcome and make the chords of the soul vibrate, just like when you immerse yourself in a stretch of water that smells of summer, when you look at the sky on a clear day, when you breathe in the smell of the earth of the forest.

Colour will be the protagonist of the coming season and choosing the colour for your wedding will not only be a stylistic choice but a choice of character, it will have a deep meaning and a clear message to the world.

A desire to share unique moments with loved ones and friends, to look at the Paris sky again, to taste a bowl of raspberries, to laugh happily and enjoy the important moments in life; to say “Yes I do” and embrace the life to come.

All this will be behind the choice of the colour of your dress and I look forward to experiencing with you newlyweds new unforgettable moments and beautiful weddings to plan and remember.

Wedding colour 2021

Wedding colour 2021: the undisputed stars of the coming season according to the Pantone Colour Institute

PANTONE 14-1050


A comforting golden yellow infused with orange lends a warm presence.

Wedding colour 2021

PANTONE 15-4020


The colour of the sky on a clear day

PANTONE 18-1248


An earth-inspired brown emblematic of unusual autumn leaves in a spring palette.

PANTONE 13-0647


Friendly and joyful, an optimistic yellow that offers the promise of a sunny day.

PANTONE 18-4140

French blue

An exciting blue shade that awakens a vision of Paris in spring.

PANTONE 13-0117

Green ash

A mentholated green that refreshes and soothes.

PANTONE 16-1529

Burnt coral

Inviting Burnt Coral expresses conviviality.

PANTONE 16-5938


Tasty mint refreshes and restores.

PANTONE 17-3628

Amethyst Orchid

The floral shaded amethyst orchid introduces a unique touch.

PANTONE 18-2043

Raspberry Sorbet

Vivifying Raspberry Sorbet teases.

CLASSIC COLOURS that allow freedom of choice and transcend seasons

PANTONE 19-4016


A deep and intense blackened blue.

PANTONE 17-5104

Ultimate Grey

A quietly reassuring and reliable grey that encourages composure.

PANTONE 11-0110


Smooth Buttercream is a delicious, effortless off-white.

PANTONE 14-1127

Desert Mist

Invoking images of shifting dusty sands.

PANTONE 16-0632


A canopy of green that reveals and conceals.

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