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Wedding Ceremony: 5 tips to make it perfect

The importance of a perfect wedding ceremony

A wedding is an important moment in a couple’s life, a time when the couple comes together and promises eternal love. In fact, many newlyweds spend months, even years, planning their wedding, to make it as perfect as possible. There is one aspect, however, that tends to be greatly underestimated, which instead can make the whole wedding completely unforgettable: the ceremony.

The main differences between civil and religious ceremonies

Apart from one’s religious beliefs, there are several differences between a civil and a religious ceremony.

The venue

For the most faithful and devout, it is important to celebrate the wedding in a sacred place such as a church, but this does not mean that it cannot be held elsewhere. With the priest’s approval, it is also possible to move the ceremony outdoors. As for the civil ceremony, on the other hand, it is celebrated at the municipal building or in one of the buildings used for that function.

Phases and duration

A religious marriage has four stages: the liturgy of the word, the marriage liturgy, the liturgy of the Eucharist and the final blessing. The religious ceremony may in fact take up to one or two hours.

The civil ceremony is much shorter, consisting of two moments: the reading of the articles of the civil code, then the listing of the rights and duties of the contracting parties, and the consent of the bride and groom in front of the celebrant and the wedding witnesses.

The celebrant

In a civil ceremony, the celebrant may be the mayor of the municipality of residence of one of the bride and groom, or his delegate, or any citizen, as long as they are of age and enjoy civil and political rights. A religious ceremony may only be celebrated by a priest.


The choice of best man in a civil marriage must only fall on two persons: one for each spouse. For church weddings, each groom is allowed to have up to three witnesses at his or her side, and in both cases, it is indifferent whether these are men or women.

wedding ceremony

My tips for a perfect ceremony

When the ceremony is treated with extreme care and love, it becomes a moment that remains etched in the memory of everyone present. Every detail contributes to making the atmosphere magical and emotional.

Here are some tips for planning a perfect ceremony:

  • add a personal touch: it is important that the ceremony is personalised and that those present can feel the love of the couple through the vows;
  • symbolic elements: these must be present for the ceremony to be perfect. Starting with the choice of colours, flowers, arrangement and respective accessories for the guests;
  • care for every detail, this will prevent any unforeseen or embarrassing moments that could compromise the entire wedding.

If the guests are touched by the bride and groom’s love, they too will have an unforgettable experience.

wedding ceremony

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