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“Dream of a wedding” at Villa Fonte Nuova

Good morning guys, today I am telling you about my latest project in one of my favourite villas in Rome: Villa Fonte Nuova.

I have already told you about this splendid villa, set in the green Roman countryside and surrounded by a beautiful park, with its frescoed interior and its wooden veranda, in full British style thanks to the chic details that recall the aristocratic residences of the English countryside. 

How could I not love it? 

This time too, my friend and project colleague Anita Galafate and a team that I now consider to be a second family were with me; it is a pleasure and an honour to work together with them and to realise these projects of great beauty.

“Dream of a spring sunset” at Villa Fonte Nuova

This project wants to tell the magic of stopping time to admire the spectacle of the sunset, watching the rays of the sun passing through the windows, filtering through the crystals, resting on the details of the table, increasing the intensity of the candles, kissing the flowers and leaving the spectators to admire the harmony of the light.

All this lies behind every detail of the design.

Dream of a wedding
Villa Fonte Nuova in Rome
Villa Fonte Nuova in Rome
The bride at Villa Fonte Nuova
Mise en place Villa Fonte Nuova
Mise en place Villa Fonte Nuova
Mise en place Villa Fonte Nuova
The bride at Villa Fonte Nuova
Villa Fonte Nuova in Rome

Now, close your eyes for a moment and imagine all this at your wedding and always remember that:

“You dream and hope firmly, forget your present and the dream reality will become”


Special thanks to:

Anita Galafate

Villa Fonte Nuova

Sartoria Floreale

Il giardino fiorito delle spose

Giorgia Bertoldi

Sergio Nesci

Giulio Pugliese

Fulvio Greco

Scatolificio Venturi 

Ink & Tea

Andrea Bitti

Rose’s Cake

Preludio Divisione Noleggio

Claudia Bruschini Couture

L’amica della sposa

Josephine weddings

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