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bridal bouquet

How to preserve the bridal bouquet

Techniques and tips for preserving the bridal bouquet after the wedding

The bridal bouquet is to all intents and purposes one of the most significant symbols of the wedding day. But do you know why it represents one of the most important accessories for the bride?

The tradition of the bouquet has its roots in pre-Christian times and has always been a symbol of prosperity and abundance. In fact, even before it became the more structured and elaborate floral arrangement that we all know today, in the past, the bride’s bouquet consisted of a simple bundle of sprigs of spices and herbs such as myrtle and rosemary, which were considered a good omen for the bride and groom.

Although today the bride’s bouquet is chosen for purely aesthetic reasons, leaving symbolism in the background, many brides decide to keep the bouquet as the star of their special day. 

If you want to keep your bouquet to long enjoy the beauty of the flowers that made your wedding even more beautiful, take a look at my tips!

Preserve your bridal bouquet by drying

Drying is certainly one of the most popular bouquet preservation options. To dry your bridal bouquet, proceed as follows: remove excess leaves and creased petals, tie string firmly around the stems and hang the bouquet upside down in a dark, dry place. Leave it to dry for about two weeks and at the end of the process spray it with lacquer or flower protection spray to make it more resistant. After drying, you can transfer the arrangement to a vase. A nice and simple idea to preserve the memory of your special day, don’t you think?

bridal bouquet

Frame your bridal bouquet with the pressing technique

Would you like to adorn the walls of your love nest? Then choose the pressing technique, a creative and safe method of preserving your bridal bouquet. Simply select the most beautiful flowers or, if you prefer, even the entire bouquet and lay them on a sheet of wax paper. Then proceed by laying the wax paper with your favourite buds inside the pages of a heavy book. Add another sheet of wax paper to protect the flowers from ink and close the book. After about ten days, your flowers will be ready to be framed.

Dry your bridal bouquet with silica gel

Do you love the idea of turning your bridal bouquet into a decorative object for your home? Then this option is for you! This technique works most effectively for flowers that can tolerate slight pressure such as peonies and roses. It is among the simplest methods of preserving the flowers of your bridal bouquet. Proceed as follows: place the flowers in an airtight container and fill the empty space with silica powder. Close the lid and let your buds dry for about a week. After the drying time has elapsed, remove the bouquet and dust the excess powder from the flowers. Finish by finishing the bouquet with a protective sealing spray and place it in a vase or, if you prefer, in a display box.

bridal bouquet

Turn your bridal bouquet into a fragrant potpourri

Want to try your hand at a little DIY? After properly drying the flowers in your bridal bouquet, add spices, herbs such as cinnamon, vanilla, star anise and citrus peel to your liking. To emphasise the natural scent of the flowers, add a few drops of essential oil and you’re done!

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