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Marriage proposal: romantic ideas for surprising her and getting a ‘Yes’

Are you ready for the most romantic day of the year? Today is Valentine’s Day and for days now the shop windows have been flooded with hearts, flowers and jewellery, all to remind us to celebrate love…

Now let’s be clear, love should be celebrated every day, but for tomorrow the watchword will be: romance! For those who have been together for a while and for those who have been swept away by sudden love, Valentine’s Day could be the ideal occasion to declare your love with a dream declaration and start planning your fairytale day!

Here are some ideas and suggestions for a perfect marriage proposal.

Marriage proposal
Oh so perfect proposal & engagement ring

Marriage proposal: watch out for emotion!

If you are afraid that emotion plays tricks on you and that therefore, it is better to avoid long and complex speeches like the ones we have seen in the movies (like When Harry Met Sally or like Mr Darcy’s declaration to our mythical Bridget), here are some tips to organise a beautiful and romantic marriage proposal using the right setting according to your passions.

If you are a romantic couple, you could organise a nice romantic dinner next to the fireplace or a great classic: on the beach with a proposal in the sand (like Alex Rodriguez did with JLo).


Wedding proposal between games and breathtaking locations

For those who like games instead, it might be nice to prepare a crossword puzzle or quiz for the occasion (remember Ben Warren’s proposal to Bailey?);

Offbeat Bride
Ketevan Giorgadze

For those who like to travel, you could take advantage of some romantic landscape, such as a mountain chalet, or a breathtaking view, such as the Eiffel Tower to pop the question.

If you like sports instead, you could declare your love during a game or in a hot-air balloon.

Halt! Look at that spectacle!

As I told you on the radio in our weekly appointment ‘Wedding & the city’, my suggestions are only suggestions… Whatever you decide to do, the important thing is that you do it from the heart and you can also celebrate your love with family and friends.

It will surely be a success! Happy Valentine’s Day to all and long live love.

Patricia Barbara

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