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Why plan a micro wedding?

Before talking in detail about the micro wedding, close your eyes for a moment and cast your mind back to the day when the fateful marriage proposal arrived.

During a beautiful romantic dinner, perhaps by candlelight, your love took your hand, knelt down and asked you to spend the rest of your life together, saying the wonderful question: “Will you marry me?”

And in that moment the world stopped.

Your heart was pounding, the air smelled of magic and you, incredulous and with tears in your eyes, simply answered: “Yes, I do!”

Call me a romantic, but I love wedding proposals; and what do you do immediately after saying “Yes, I do!”?

You share the news with your family and friends, the real ones, the ones that have always been there for all the important moments in your life… and then you want to put the satisfaction of showing off the super glam engagement ring?!

Micro wedding

Remember the hugs of joy? Remember the affection, the happiness felt, the love shared?

Well! All these emotions can be relived by organising a wedding and even more so an intimate wedding.

When we talk about micro weddings, we are referring to a wedding with just a few guests and the watchword is to create unforgettable experiences for yourself and your very select guests.

Micro wedding: Why is it so special?

Organising an intimate wedding allows you to experience intense and unforgettable emotions with your closest friends and relatives, devote yourself to small details, have incredible locations and exclusive fairy-tale spaces.

The ceremony will be simply magical: a small forest, a garden in the most intimate countryside…

on a small panoramic terrace…

Micro wedding

decorations and table settings: from Pinterest

Micro wedding
Style me pretty
Micro wedding

the table will be convivial and beautiful and the menu a great chef

Micro wedding
Snassy Crafter

My experience as a wedding planner has led me over the years to love micro weddings more and more. I still remember my ‘first time’; a French couple who had chosen Italy as their wedding venue and 25 special guests. A wedding celebrated in the beautiful Comino Valley, on a scenic terrace, Christel and Stephan celebrated with their closest friends and relatives until late at night.

Let me let you in on a little secret: pampering your selected guests as much as possible will make them feel honoured to share such a special day with you.

Not least. Knowing that the Coranavirus has changed all aspects of our lives and society, let us not forget the importance of safety and that thanks to intimate weddings, we will not have worries about distance and security.

Micro wedding

If you are thinking of planning your micro wedding, know that the emotions will be really intense. I am always moved to tears.

Soon there will be a surprise for you and in the meantime I will be happy to answer your questions or help you plan your micro wedding. I am ready. And you?


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