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Marriage decree 2020: marriages in the time of the coronavirus

‘Getting married at the time of covid-19 after the new marriage decree 2020’.

It sounds like the title of a new novel. 

The article you are now reading is the second version of a previous article in which I spoke about phase 3 of marriage according to the latest DPCM issued at the beginning of October. 

Today, sitting at my desk, I am rewriting the text of my article after the new Marriage Decree 2020 was issued yesterday, which includes further restrictions until 24 November and sees the total cancellation of weddings and events in general. 

I won’t deny that it is a bit of a subdued Monday, but I decided to re-write my article anyway because writing is good for me and somehow helps me to keep my wits about me and not lose confidence.

We Wedding Planners are with you despite this wedding decree 2020. 

My wonderful brides, I know, the moment arouses anxiety and fear, but today would you all like to try and hold each other together for strength?  

Feeling part of a community always makes everyone feel less alone. 

I won’t lie to you. It is normal that we all feel a little down, but I also believe that we must never stop looking to the future with positivity and courage, and today my thoughts go out to a professional figure who, let me tell you, since all this happened from March to today has never stopped fighting with all her might. She has never stopped being there for the brides, listening to them, supporting them, and who with professionalism, dedication, courage and love have always tried to face everything with positivity and lucidity.

I am talking about us WEDDING PLANNERS.

Marriage decree 2020

For everyone it is difficult and my dear brides we know very well how you are suffering from the uncertainty of the moment and the lack of certain answers, and we wedding planners for one would like to give you certainty, answers, to know what awaits us.

But the truth is that for now no one knows.

What we can do is, not only wait to see what and how things will change, but also to never make you feel lonely and to stay positive.

We are determined to make your most beautiful dream come true, to keep on planning everything (good times when you only thought about the famous plan B!), because this is what we wedding planners do: listen to you, support you, make your dreams come true, follow and plan all the important and necessary details, becoming in some way your guardian angels.

Marriage decree 2020

We rejoice with you, we are always ready to find solutions, give you the most beautiful ideas, we take responsibility for your event so that you can just be excited and enjoy every moment without stress, moments that we love to give you and that will be part of you for the rest of your life.

Marriage decree 2020

Good work we do, don’t you think?

And although there are still those who have not realised what we actually do, one thing has never changed: the focus on you.

Marriage decree 2020

The special bond that is created with couples, and believe me when I say that never before has the bond become even deeper, because marriage is not just a celebration, but an important moment in life that simply expresses the desire of each of us: TO SHARE AND TO LOVE.

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