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Getting married in winter: the wedding planner’s advice

The magic of getting married in winter

Although many couples dream of spring or summer weddings, winter also offers a unique and magical atmosphere to celebrate love. In this article, we will find out what the strengths of this season are to help future brides and grooms who choose to say “yes, I do” in winter.

Why choose to get married in winter?

An enchanted atmosphere

Winter brings with it an enchanted and romantic atmosphere. The soft lights, snow and fresh air create a magical backdrop that lends itself perfectly to a fairytale wedding. In winter you can create a cosy atmosphere by using decorations such as blankets, pillows and soft lighting to make the wedding venue warm and cosy. And if the weather permits, you can take unforgettable souvenir photos in a breathtaking landscape.

Getting married in winter

Unique wedding dresses

Winter offers the opportunity to wear unique wedding dresses, such as long sleeves, shawls and glamorous accessories. Finding the perfect dress that marries elegance, sophistication and comfort will be even better.

In addition, you can enrich your bridal look with many warm and cosy accessories.

The right location

If in winter outdoor venues will be precluded to you because of the low temperatures, looking at it from another angle you can choose a venue with large indoor spaces that is cosy and glamorous at the same time. 

Plus, by embracing the festive theme of the season with winter-themed decorations, warm colours and festive details, you can personalise the event and make the wedding unforgettable.

Getting married in winter

A season in less demand

Another aspect to consider when choosing a wedding season is that winter is often considered a less in-demand season for weddings, which can lead to cheaper rates for services and venues, but also to a greater availability of dates by venues, which could help you when planning your wedding.

Do you also dream of getting married in winter?

Getting married in winter offers a unique opportunity to create a memorable wedding. It is a truly magical time of year, which is why your wedding will remain etched in the memories and hearts of all your guests.


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