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First wedding dress fitting: 5 tips for not arriving unprepared

The first wedding dress fitting: an emotional moment

It’s been a few months since the day of the proposal, between guest lists and venue selection, slowly your wedding is taking shape. But one fundamental element of the wedding is missing, especially for you: the wedding dress fitting. One of the most exciting and unforgettable moments, here are some tips on how to arrive prepared.

1.    Be clear and concise during the interview

The first step in the first wedding dress fitting will be a short interview in the atelier. This will probably be the most anxiety-packed moment of all, as you will certainly be overwhelmed by doubts and uncertainties. Nevertheless, we advise you to have even just a general idea, describing dress models you would love to wear and especially the budget available. It is also important to keep in mind the style of the venue and the hairstyle you will have that day, if already decided.

You know that the wedding dress is the one you will remember forever, but the main rule is to feel good about yourself!

2.     The first wedding dress fitting in the fitting room

The time comes to try on some wedding dresses in the fitting room, just to confirm the ideas shared with your consultant. Most likely, however, you won’t be trying on dresses in your size and despite the pins, clips and various pliers that the shop assistants will use to adjust the dress, there might be a few creases or wrinkles too many.

Don’t worry, you will recognise the right dress in spite of these small initial flaws that will surely be fixed before the big day.

Focus mainly on the cut of the dress and the way it falls on your physique! This is why we also recommend wearing simple underwear without too many seams or embroidery.

3.     Duration of the first dress fitting

The duration of the first wedding dress fitting is not fixed, but most appointments last between 2 and 3 hours. However, we advise you to choose a day when you know you are completely free or at least that you do not have any big commitments, either before or after.

It will be a moment as special as it is delicate: try to enjoy it as much as possible, without stress and anxiety from the outside world. And then who knows, if it’s the right day you might even celebrate with a post-purchase aperitif or dinner!

4.     Escorts for the first dress fitting

A little advice from my experience: for the first wedding dress fitting, have a few people accompany you, possibly an odd number so that it is easier to count the votes in favour of one dress over another.

It is important, however, that these people really know you and above all are able to give you a sincere and honest opinion. If you are too swayed, you can also choose not to have a date. Surely the choice will be 100% the bride’s and on that day the dress will be a surprise for everyone!

5.     The first wedding dress fitting will not be the last!

Most of the time, the first wedding dress fitting can bring additional doubts and especially discouragement.

Do not stop at one and only one atelier, the perfect dress can also be found where you least expect it! The thought of not finding one’s ideal wedding dress often crosses the minds of brides-to-be, but it is an unfounded fear. As in any self-respecting fairytale, everyone eventually manages to find the one that makes their heart beat faster.

Just be patient and follow your instincts.

Are you also a bride-to-be? Have you already chosen the dress you will wear on your big day or are you still fantasising while admiring the most beautiful collections for 2022-2023? Keep following us to discover the new proposals and the main trends for the bridal look.

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