Josephine Weddings

Viale Dante, 138
03043 Cassino
FR – Italia

+39 338 7708129


  • CAN I CONSULT YOU ONLY FOR CERTAIN SERVICES? You can request my help based on the services you are looking for or need. I can help you choose the right supplier and fully reflect the idea you were looking for. In addition, you can ask for my advice just to design the style of your wedding.
  • HOW DO I UNDERSTAND THAT YOU ARE THE RIGHT WEDDING PLANNER FOR ME? As I always say, wedding planner and bride choose each other. The empathy that is established immediately is essential to understand whether there will be harmony between us or not. I prefer to have a special bond with my brides, because it will be an important path between us, and if there is no chemistry between us, then I am not the right wp for you.
  • WILL YOU BE PRESENT THE DAY OF MARRIAGE? I will be the first to arrive and the last to leave.
  • DO YOU WORK ONLY IN A PRECISE AREA OR ARE YOU AVAILABLE ANYWHERE? Italy has no boundaries for me, and if you like my style and feel that I can help you make the wedding you want, I’ll join you wherever you are.
  • DO YOU WORK ONLY WITH YOUR TEAM OR ARE YOU AVAILABLE TO COLLABORATE WITH OTHER SUPPLIERS? I am always ready to valuate new opportunities. The collaborators with whom I work allow me to guarantee the result you expect from me. They are people I trust, true professionals with whom I have created a special relationship over time, and this allows me to work with serenity and harmony.
  • WILL YOU ACCOMPANY ME TO THE ATELIER? It is a very important aspect for me to accompany you and support you in the right choice of your perfect gown.
  • DO YOU HAVE PACKAGES? No, for me every wedding has to be tailor made. I will listen to emotions, sensations and style that you want to give to your wedding and I will do all this for you.