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The secret ingredient for a fairytale wedding? Always listening to the wishes of the bride and groom

Fairytale wedding: why it is so important to listen to the wishes of the bride and groom

After a long time spent together, two people in love often cultivate the desire to take the next step and start a new phase of life together with marriage. Getting married is therefore not just a simple event to be celebrated with friends and family, but a real rite of passage, fundamental to building a long life together step by step.

That is why marriage is such an important moment in the life of two people in love and deserves to be celebrated in style.

So is there a secret ingredient to make the wedding an unforgettable day for the couple? The basis of a successful ceremony is always listening to and understanding the wishes of the bride and groom.

The role of the wedding planner

The wedding planner is a figure of great interest in the world of weddings, particularly in recent years. But few emphasise that the work of a wedding planner is not limited to managing the wedding preparations or the impeccable organisation of the location on the big day.

In fact, the main task of a wedding planner is to find out what the dreams and wishes of the bride and groom-to-be are, to get to know their expectations for the big day, to scratch their worries, to find a compromise to solve last-minute hitches and to give them a fairytale wedding.

But, at the same time, sometimes the wedding planner’s job can also be to scale down the couple’s expectations and find solutions to achieve the desired result within the wedding budget.

Listening and communication at the basis of everything

Another obstacle that the wedding planner may have to face is the disagreement between the tastes and wishes of the bride and groom. Yes, sometimes diverging ideas can also arise within the couple and this is not a good starting point when there are so many decisions to be made. 

Even in this case, the mediation of an external professional such as a wedding planner can be crucial to untangle all the knots and find a common way forward that satisfies both parties. Not quite so simple, is it?

A fairytale wedding is built together

Behind the scenes of a big event such as a wedding, there are also a large number of suppliers and insiders who, coordinated by the wedding planner, do their utmost to create the fairytale wedding the bride and groom have always dreamt of. The team works tirelessly to ensure that every detail is taken care of, creating an unforgettable experience for the bride and groom and their guests.

The perfect success of a dream wedding is therefore the result of teamwork, where everyone does their job with passion and professionalism. The wedding day will be a very special moment for the couple and their every request and wish deserves to be heard and fulfilled, it is then up to the wedding professionals to make their dreams come true and realisable.

But what do newlyweds desire today?

Due to the pandemic, the desires of all of us have changed slightly in recent years and this is also visible in the wedding industry. Whereas before 2020 the trend was towards grand weddings with a large number of guests and guests, today’s ceremonies have become a little simpler, reflecting the strong desire of these couples to finally get married after a long and interminable wait.

And how do you future brides and grooms imagine your fairytale wedding? As a grand ceremony or as a more intimate event to be celebrated in a dream location, perhaps with a romantic destination wedding?

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