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What is a destination wedding in Italy?

Dreaming of saying your ‘Yes, I do’ away from home? Organise a destination wedding in Italy

The Destination Wedding is a trend that is increasingly in vogue in our country but which comes from overseas. The expression destination wedding refers to a wedding organised and celebrated far from one’s city of residence, preferably in a dream location.

Destination wedding? Yes, in Italy

Italy has always been a much sought-after destination for foreign couples of future brides and grooms, who find the countryside, coastline and typical landscapes of our territory romantic and fascinating. But that’s not all… More and more Italian couples are also choosing to pronounce their ‘I do’s’ in a romantic fairytale location, still in Italy but far from their home town.

The destination wedding is a very romantic wedding celebrated in a dream location that becomes the perfect setting to celebrate the birth of a sacred union.

This will be the first in a series of articles dedicated to destination weddings in Italy. It will be a journey up and down the peninsula to discover the most sought-after destinations for destination weddings in 2023. Ready to go?

Precise organisation

The destination wedding often turns into an entire weekend dedicated to the celebration of the wedding, which is why, even if it often involves fewer people than a more traditional wedding, it requires precise and punctual organisation.

If the bride and groom are foreigners, most of the planning of the event is often done remotely and well in advance, so that the bride and groom and all the guests can reach the wedding venue on time and without a hitch.

In addition to logistics, in a destination wedding another fundamental detail that should not be underestimated concerns the bureaucratic aspects to be considered when celebrating the wedding. If it is a real religious or civil ceremony, one must make sure that the marriage is also considered valid in the couple’s country of residence. This problem does not exist if the couple chooses to celebrate a symbolic rite.

Why choose to celebrate a destination wedding?

There are many reasons why couples choose a destination wedding for their wedding, but I believe it is the suggestive and emotional atmosphere that is created around the couple that makes this type of wedding unique. The sincere affection of close relatives and close friends surrounds the couple and the most beautiful moments of the ceremony and celebration become even more emotional when they take place in a secluded location, where the protagonists are the pure and sincere feelings of two lovers who pronounce their promises of love.

The most evocative locations for a destination wedding in Italy

Our Bel Paese offers us numerous views that lend themselves well to becoming splendid wedding venues. Among the most popular locations for destination weddings in Italy are undoubtedly:

Amalfi Coast

Who has never dreamt of pronouncing the fateful ‘I do’ on a romantic terrace overlooking the Amalfi Coast? In an evocative location in Amalfi, Positano or Ravello, you can host a dream wedding where you can live a true fairytale of love.

Wedding on the Amalfi coast


Couples who choose tuscany as their destination wedding often prefer a wedding with a country chic flavour, a celebration in direct contact with nature, immersed in the vineyards and countryside that have made this region famous throughout the world.

Destination wedding Tuscany

Lake como

The famous lake mentioned by manzoni is the favourite location for those who dream of an elegant and refined wedding, perhaps set in the gardens of a romantic castle or an ancient noble residence. Not a daydream, don’t you think?

Destination wedding Lake of Como


Apulia, with its typical traditional masserie, is the most sought-after destination for those who dream of a wedding under the banner of natural landscapes and the discovery of the most authentic flavours. With its rich typical cuisine, lush mediterranean scrubland, and endless white beaches, it is the ideal choice for couples who want to celebrate a wedding under the banner of fun and good food.

Destination wedding Apulia


Even in the heart of Sicily, the lure of popular tradition and typical cuisine cannot be missed. With breathtaking panoramas, churches and cathedrals of unquestionable beauty, and typical dishes to be envied, Sicily is the ideal choice for those dreaming of a traditional wedding.

Destination wedding Sicily


And finally, we could not fail to mention the eternal city among the romantic destinations for a wedding in italy. The city’s charm, the most beautiful views of the capital, and the numerous churches that populate the city offer an embarrassment of riches for those who decide to seal their union in Rome.

Wedding in Rome

In short, organising a destination wedding in Italy allows the bride and groom to plan a true daydream, a celebration dedicated to love as only we Italians know how to do.

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