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Daytime vs evening wedding: which one to choose?

Are you dreaming of a daytime or an evening wedding for your big day?

When imagining the wedding day, there are two different ways of looking at it. On the one hand, there are couples who have already thought of everything, who know what they want and what they really don’t want to do, who already have a clear idea in their minds about how the ceremony will take place or what will be served at the reception dinner. On the other hand, there are the undecided couples, where the bride and groom are not yet clear on what they want for their wedding day and are open to all kinds of advice and suggestions.

There is no such thing as the perfect married couple and there is no couple that does not change its mind during the preparations, but there are decisions that are important to make when planning such an important day as a wedding. Among these decisions is undoubtedly the choice between a day wedding and an evening wedding.

Daytime vs evening wedding: which ceremony would you choose for your big day?

Daytime wedding vs evening wedding

Daytime marriage: pros and cons of this choice

Choosing to get married during the day certainly means being able to devote the whole day to the wedding celebrations and being able to take full advantage of natural light to take magnificent wedding photos; but these are just some of the reasons why couples choose a daytime wedding.

Although the bride and groom are the main protagonists of the day, it is important not to forget the interests of the guests as well. Daytime weddings are often the ideal choice for them, as this type of wedding would allow people of all ages to participate more easily. So, if your guest list includes the elderly and children, the daytime wedding could be for you.

Daytime wedding

A daytime wedding also allows you to extend the hours dedicated to the reception and the party, so you can offer your guests a richer menu consisting of more courses, just like in the best traditional weddings, and at the same time you will have much more time to dedicate to music, dancing and entertainment.

And the cons? Among the possible disadvantages of a daytime wedding are the high temperatures if the wedding takes place in summer. Indeed, the hottest hours of the day are not exactly the ideal time to take souvenir photos or to serve an aperitif outdoors.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of an evening wedding?

The evening atmosphere makes a special day like a wedding day truly magical. Just imagine the scene: you are finally husband and wife, all your guests are waiting for you to enjoy a delicious dinner and celebrate with you throughout the night in a dream location, dotted with lights and floral arrangements that enhance the beauty of the venue and the starry sky. Not a bad prospect, is it?

An evening wedding is usually chosen by couples who desire such a magical and dreamy atmosphere.

Villa Fonte Nuova

Among the advantages for brides and grooms who choose an evening wedding is certainly the prospect of having much more time to prepare: the bride can enjoy a longer and more relaxed make-up and hair session, without dawn wake-up calls and the constant anxiety of being late for the ceremony.

Scenic sunset photos are also definitely a plus point for an evening wedding, as is the more romantic and at the same time more festive mood that an evening party can provide.

Whereas, for an evening wedding, temperatures can be both a pro and a con. If you get married in summer, the cool summer breeze will make the party even more enjoyable. It is a different matter for a spring or autumn wedding, seasons during which your guests may not like the low evening temperatures as much.

And what will you choose for your big day? Do you prefer a traditional daytime wedding or would you choose a romantic evening wedding?

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