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Casale 500: an intimate wedding

Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”. (Coco Chanel)

Hello my beautiful brides, nice quote isn’t it? I have always been struck by this phrase by Coco Chanel, one of my favourite style icons. 

Today I would like to tell you about the beauty of a project realised at Casale 500, a beautiful stone farmhouse on the slopes of the Castelli Romani and a stone’s throw from Rome and the sea, with an authentic flavour and a passion for hospitality. 

An intimate dream wedding

Together with Anita Galafate we conceived and realised a project that had been in our hearts for a long time: an intimate wedding, with warm and cosy tones, inside an ancient hall, full of books and with a wooden ceiling full of history. 

From the large wooden ceiling we created a striking installation made of white fern branches and fabric ornaments.

Casale 500: an intimate wedding

The floral arrangements, curated by the talented Romina of Sartoria Floreale, were a tribute to ethereal beauty. Dried flowers in shades of white placed in pretty glass ampoules made the atmosphere warm and evocative and in an intimate wedding, in my opinion, candles should never be missing. Do you agree?

Intimate wedding
Intimate wedding

Intimate wedding: the details

For the mise en place, we evoked the warm colours of autumn: white porcelain with small brown brushstrokes, burnt earth-coloured cotton napkins, copper-coloured underplates, place cards and handwritten menus on Fabriano paper, because real things need care and attention. 

On the table, a small cadeau made by Just Tuscany, embellished the air with the delicate notes of flowers.

Intimate wedding

For the bride we chose a dreamy dress: the wide skirt, the worked bodice, the white color of the dress left us all breathless.

Intimate wedding

Livia from “Il giardino Fiorito delle spose” was able to perfectly interpret the magic of the project and took care of the smallest detail with passion and love. 

For the bride’s make-up, make-up artist Giorgia Bertoldi emphasised the colour of the eyes with delicate nuances, the natural and luminous complexion made the bride even more elegant and ethereal.

Intimate wedding: the bride

And the bouquet? Simply stunning.

Intimate wedding: the bouquet

Small hidden treasures are discovered a little at a time. And so, behind the farmhouse, a beautiful organic vegetable garden appears before our eyes, fruit of the landlord Mirko Bizzarri’s love for the earth.

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”.

I opened my article with this sentence and the more I read it, the more I understand its meaning. 

Thanks to my work, I visit incredible places throughout our beautiful Italy, I have the opportunity to taste unique dishes that exalt tradition and innovation. But nothing compares to the honour I have of meeting wonderful people with whom to work and create beauty. 

Over time, many of my collaborators have become good friends, special people to whom I am bound by a sincere affection.

I take this opportunity to express my sincere affection and esteem to Anita Galafate, my travelling companion and an extraordinary woman of powerful strength. 

Thanks to my Livia de Il giardino fiorito delle spose, to whom I am bound by a deep friendship. 

A thank you to Romina di Sartoria Floreale, her skill is a great inspiration to me. 

A thank you to Claudia dell’Orefice, writing is a sign of love and attention to life. 

A thank you to Giorgia Bertoldi because she knows how to enhance the beauty of every woman.

A thank you to the very sweet Alice Santella for her artistic and delicate eye. 

A thank you to Mirko Bizzarri di Casale 500 for his magnificent welcome and availability. 

A thank you to Federica of Just Tuscany, for the delicacy and care she puts into her creations. 

A thank you to Preludio Noleggi, with you the tables are simply beautiful. 

A thank you to Bianca Roman, a beautiful and kind young woman.

A special thank you to you who continue to show me affection and esteem and this gives me the charge to continue to do better and better. 

I embrace you all

Josephine weddings

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