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Bridal jewellery: which to choose and which to avoid

What jewellery should the bride wear and what jewellery should she avoid on her wedding day?

On her wedding day, the bride wants to look beautiful and flawless. She has waited and dreamed about this special day for a long time and wants to feel the most beautiful woman when she walks down the long aisle to the man who will soon be her husband.

She carefully chose the dress to wear, imagined which hairstyle would be perfect for her wedding veil and found make-up that makes her face radiant. Is there still something missing? Of course, the bride’s jewellery!

But what jewellery should the bride wear on her wedding day? And which ones should she really try to avoid?

Bridal jewellery: the right accessories to enhance the bridal look

While the most important piece of jewellery, the wedding ring, will be given to the bride by her future husband, before the wedding ceremony the bride can choose which earrings, necklaces or bracelets to wear to make her bridal look truly perfect.

Every bride-to-be approaching her wedding wonders what the right jewellery to wear in order to have a glamorous and refined style on her wedding day and what, according to tradition, she should avoid on her most beautiful day.

Bridal jewellery

First rule is: few but good

On her wedding day, the bride should look glamorous but not overdone, she should be radiant but without excess. This is precisely why the bride should avoid costume jewellery accessories and opt for gold jewellery, precious stones or pearls, all of which will embellish her look on the most beautiful day.

No rings on fingers

While waiting for the wedding ring to be worn on the ring finger of the left hand, it would be best if the bride wore no other rings as all attention should be focused on the wedding ring. And the engagement ring? It might be the only exception allowed, but not during the ceremony.

On your Big Day also pay attention to manicure, well-groomed hands and nails are a must-have for a bride-to-be who can’t wait to show off her wedding ring.

Bridal jewellery

The bride’s jewellery according to her dress and hairstyle

Depending on the style, the neckline and sleeves of the wedding dress, as well as on the hairstyle she chooses, it would be best for the bride to wear jewellery that avoids others.

Which earrings to choose?

For example, if the bride chooses to wear a dress with a lot of lace and embroidery, she can choose lobe earrings with precious stones, accessories that add a touch of light to the face and do not further weigh down the look.

If, on the other hand, she opts for a dress with soft lines, she can dare a bit with pendant earrings in a more showy style, especially if she chooses a crop or semi-crop for her hairstyle.

The choice of hairstyle greatly conditions the choice of earrings. With her hair up, the bride can be more daring and choose to light up her face with brighter earrings, but if she opts for a loose hairstyle, she will only need a trickle of light in her hair for a truly refined look.

Which necklace to wear?

When choosing which necklace to wear, it is the neckline of the dress that plays a key role. For example, a dress with a sweetheart neckline can be embellished with a simple and delicate necklace such as a bright spot light or a timeless string of pearls.

A dress with a V-neck or a deeper neckline is perfect with a necklace with a small pendant that makes the line of the neckline harmonious. On the other hand, if the wedding dress has no neckline or is very embroidered, it would be better for the bride not to wear a necklace at all, as neither the dress nor the jewellery would be adequately enhanced.

What about you? What jewellery are you going to wear or what did you wear on your wedding day?

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