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Bridal hairstyle: ideas and tips for your wedding day

Classic, collected, natural, structured or super glam. What am I talking about? The bridal hairstyle, of course. 

I won’t deny that I’ve never liked a bridal hairstyle that is too busy and I admire brides who know how to enhance their beauty with style, sophistication and a touch of glamour.

I have my own hairstyle of the heart, but I will only reveal it to you at the end of the article. 

Dear brides, I know that for you, too, choosing the perfect hairstyle is a matter of concern and that you are always afraid of choosing the wrong one or that you won’t be able to get advice. That is why today I am going to give you some ideas and my advice so that you don’t make a mistake and choose the right bridal hairstyle for you. 

Are you ready?

Bridal hairstyle: follow your style

Let’s start by saying that the first thing to do is to take care of your hair just as you take care of the skin on your face.

Girls believe me: if we treat our hair well it will show, it will be silky, shiny and healthy. Over the years I have discovered that beauty is taking care of one’s health, and with little tricks you can achieve miracles and have hair to die for. And if you don’t know which products are best for you, rely on your hair stylist, he/she will be able to advise you on the product and care best suited to you. 

But back to us! Word of warning for the bridal hairstyle: don’t just follow fashions but choose the style that best represents you, do several trials to understand what you like, what enhances your face and don’t forget the dress: it is fundamental in defining make-up and wig.                                                                                                         

No less important: the bridal hairstyle also follows the style of the wedding. This way everything will be in perfect harmony and harmony.

Bridal hairstyle: ideas for romantic, minimal and vintage-inspired looks

If you are a romantic bride, if you love classic lines and if, for you, elegance needs little, you could opt for a soft crop that enhances the line of your back and gives you a sophisticated touch. 

My glam tip: add a small accessory in your hair: have you ever thought of the classic and timeless comb or a headband with three bands? These are from my friend Ginevra

Aren’t they beautiful?

If, on the other hand, you love minimal hairstyles with a timeless, timeless effect, I recommend a high and decidedly elegant chignon.  You can also opt for a low one. The choice is yours.

Bridal hairstyle
Bridal hairstyle

Do you love your hair loose and free to wave in the wind? Here is the solution for you. 

For the bridal hairstyle here is my glam tip: hair perfume. You will be flawless.

Bridal hairstyle

And now my favourite. By now you’ve got to know me, I love vintage and the 20s and 30s.

What do you think of this bridal hairstyle?

Bridal hairstyle
Credits: Pinterest

My dear brides, one last bit of advice for you: do not be afraid to dare. A woman’s beauty passes through the choices she makes. Whatever your style, wear it with elegance and savoir fair.

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