Avocado great passion

“Yes I do! Avocado great passion”

In recent years,avocado has become a fruit of great trend, there are more and more bars and restaurants that dedicate avocado original and creative menus. Today I want to speak of a trend related to this fruit and the wedding world: “Avocado proposal”, that is, to use an avocado as a box to keep the engagement ring in.

On 10th February, Amerstams gastronomic designer, author of cookbooks and avocado enthusiast, Colette Dike, published a photo of the “error box” and wrote: “Tag someone who should propose this way” and magic of the web, thousands of people around the world have done it.
Another instagrammer, Matt Caron, published a picture of a merciless avocado with the sunken ring in the center and wrote, “Every hippie girl’s dream proposal”, and received a series of enthusiastic reactions. While avocado proposing is gaining ground, it seems that this romanticism act, inspired by vegans has been instagramed before. Taylor Selby, a yogi and self-proclaimed “avocado lover and smoothie smoker,” published a photo of his boyfriend in October 2016 on a knee with a slightly overripe fruit in his hand.

anello nell'avocado proposta di matrimonio
Boys from all over the world await your new wedding proposals, maybe inside a chocolate bar this time.


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