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All the wedding trends 2021

And here we are, my dear brides, ready to face a new year and ready to experience strong emotions together with you. Let’s take a look at all the wedding trends 2021.

We cannot deny that the last few months have made us hesitate, and I know that many of you are overwhelmed with doubts and uncertainties. But don’t worry, I am here beside you, ready as ever to help you resolve all your doubts.

Get comfortable and enjoy this article of mine that will help you focus on the trends for the new 2021 season!

What do wedding trends 2021 have in store for us?

In a reality that has remained almost enchanted for several months due to the pandemic, the 2021 wedding trends will in a way follow those of 2020 but with a special and meticulous focus on simplicity, nature but above all on affection, which, as we have been able to understand over the past year, is the most cherished thing that each of us has.

So to continue dreaming… Here is what awaits us for this year so full of expectations!

I can tell you right away that 2021 will see midweek and open-air weddings. We are all aware that many weddings planned for 2020 have been postponed to 2021, but this should not discourage us. Getting married during the week will give you numerous advantages: you will not have the anxiety of choosing between super-crowded and already full weekends; guests will not be forced to decide between you and perhaps other events all planned for that same weekend; and last but not least, considerable economic advantages. Many locations and suppliers have preferential rates for those who choose to get married during the week. Not bad, right?

Another recurring and sovereign theme among the 2021 wedding trends will be that of conscious, sustainable and supportive choices; therefore, people will opt for clothing brands that are eco-friendly, just as the choice of the bouquet or some flowers for the arrangement will veer towards dried or stabilised flowers.

People will opt for the GARDEN STYLE, natural, without pretence and with lots of foliage. No more stiff, fake arrangements and no more use of sponge. Conscious choices are also made through flowers. 

Bearing in mind that the spaces will mainly be outdoors, the use of gazebos and garlands of lights will still be widespread.

Wedding trends 2021
Josephine Weddings 
Wedding trends 2021
Josephine Weddings 
Wedding trends 2021
Josephine Weddings 

Wedding trends 2021: the intimate wedding

I had already talked about intimate weddings some time ago. You know by now how much I am in love with intimate weddings and 2021 will be their moment of glory. Extremely attentive to detail and style, choosing this type of wedding allows you to indulge in small luxuries, to spend more time with all your guests, to organise experiences that will remain in everyone’s memory forever. 

Any ideas?

How about a small wedding in the beautiful forests of Trentino? Or under a tree enjoying the sunset and nature, or a farmhouse all to yourselves with a grove and wellness centre? 

Not knowing what will happen in the next few months, it will always be essential to favour social distancing (as much as possible) and air circulation, so choosing outdoor locations or locations with gardens and terraces will be the best option.

Wedding trends 2021

Reception and entertainment: how to organise?

As far as catering is concerned, the classic buffet will not be abolished, but will be revisited in a single-portion key, so that each guest will be able to serve themselves, without however ‘contaminating’ the food of the other guests; the same concept for the wedding cake. It will otherwise be possible to make use of the elegant waiter’s arm service, not only for the beverage but also for the entire dinner, or aperitif, served perhaps as finger food. 

And the party? As far as entertainment is concerned, as we cannot yet imagine what the government regulations will be, and therefore do not know whether dancing will be possible, there will certainly be a lot of focus on musicians, singers, cabaret performers, impersonators and Photo Booths.

Josephine Weddings 
Wedding trends 2021
Josephine Weddings 

Before leaving you with the first part of what will be the 2021 wedding trends, I leave you with what will be a beautiful inspiration that you can make your own and that will fill your heart with beauty. 


Art is a big theme in weddings this year. From invitations with unique logos to receptions and ceremonies. Couples are looking to the art world to create unique settings with universal value. 

Little gossip: did you know that I have a degree as an art historian? 

See you soon my dear brides to find out what other wedding trends 2021 are!

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