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Groom’s attire: custom accessories

When it comes to weddings, much attention naturally gravitates towards the bride’s dress. However, the groom’s look is equally important and deserves careful attention to detail, especially regarding custom accessories. These should be chosen, reserved in advance, and matched with each other. In many cases, they might increase the outfit’s costs, but they can truly make a difference.

Accessories complete the look

Custom accessories are key elements that complete and enrich the groom’s attire, adding a touch of personality and unique style. Therefore, the choice of ties, bow ties, cufflinks, belts, and shoes, which must be in perfect harmony with the entire outfit and the wedding theme, should not be overlooked.

Ties and bow ties

Choosing between a tie and a bow tie is a matter of personal style and the event’s formality level. A custom bow tie can add a touch of originality and distinction, while a slim or traditional tie, made from fine fabrics chosen by the groom, communicates classic elegance.



Cufflinks are a detail that does not go unnoticed. Customizable in a variety of materials and designs, cufflinks add a final touch of sophistication to the groom’s attire, reflecting his personality.

Belts and shoes

The belt, preferably made of leather and matched with the shoes, is another custom accessory that contributes to the look’s harmony. Shoes, carefully chosen for comfort and style, are essential to complete the outfit, with options ranging from classic Oxfords to more modern patent leather or crafted leather shoes. Many craftsmen create custom ceremony shoes: they definitely cost more than traditional models, but are indispensable for making one’s outfit unique.

The advice is to start selecting custom accessories in advance to ensure that every element is perfectly coordinated and meets expectations. Customizing accessories provides an opportunity to express one’s individual style, making the groom’s attire exclusive.Custom accessories play a crucial role in the groom’s ensemble, elevating his look from simply elegant to extraordinarily personal. With the right attention to detail, the groom will be able to stand beside his bride with confidence and style, making their special day even more unforgettable.

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