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8 tips to choose the perfect wedding location

How to choose the ideal location for your wedding? In this article you will find useful tips to choose the perfect wedding location.

The wedding proposal has finally arrived, you have decided together what time of year you would like to get married, and preparations for the big day are proceeding apace; now all that remains is to choose the location for your wedding.

Choosing the location is a really important step in wedding planning as it allows you to have a fixed point on the date of the wedding and the magical place where everything will take place. It is also an important starting point for defining the style and mood of your big day.

Choosing a wedding location: 8 tips for making the right choice

1 – Make an initial selection

To choose the perfect location for your big day, the first thing to do is to research what options your local area offers. Research on google and social media which locations are the most beautiful in the area and select the ones you would like to see live.

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How to choose the perfect wedding location

2 – What are your personal tastes?

Do you prefer a more traditional location such as a reception hall or would you like to celebrate your wedding in an atmospheric outdoor venue? Would you like a unique and exclusive location or have you always dreamed of exchanging your love vows by the sea? The perfect location will be one that fully reflects your tastes and desires.

3 – Visit the locations that seem most interesting to you

Once you have selected the locations you are most curious about, it is time to take action. Visiting the various locations will help you better understand whether that space reflects your tastes, gives you positive feelings, makes your heart beat faster. Can you imagine yourself there as husband and wife on your special day? Then it is the right place!

4 – Imagine what the venue will be like when you get married

Make a little effort with your imagination and visualise what the venue might be like on your wedding day. If you are getting married in spring/summer, the atmosphere will be completely different from an autumn day so try to imagine what those spaces will look like once they are decorated with the floral arrangements you choose.

5 – Analyse all the spaces the location offers

Every venue has different spaces that it makes available to couples at their wedding. Does the one you like have outdoor spaces to accommodate guests for a summer wedding? Does it have cosy spaces to accommodate all the guests in case of rain? Does it have a romantic and atmospheric space for cutting the wedding cake? Does it provide a space for you to let loose in the final party?

How to choose the perfect wedding location

6 – Find out about the menu

For an italian, food is a very important thing and it cannot be less important on your wedding day. Have you checked that the menu offered by the venue matches your tastes? Is the chef willing to prepare a dedicated menu for guests with food intolerances or for those who prefer vegetarian or vegan cuisine?

7 – Consider the number of guests

The perfect venue for your wedding is the one that can accommodate all your guests. When visiting possible venues, pay attention to the size and capacity of all the spaces. If you plan to invite a considerable number of people make sure there is enough room for everyone.

8 – Make sure it is easily accessible for guests

On the wedding day, the bride and groom should make sure that all guests are in the best possible condition to reach the ceremony location, as well as the venue that will host the wedding reception. Choosing a reception location that is too isolated, difficult to reach or too far away from the ceremony venue is never the right choice.

What about you? Have you already found the location that makes your heart beat faster?
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